June 19
7 PM

Newport Visual
Arts Center

777 NW Beach Drive
Newport OR 97365

open mic follows

Admission $6.00
Free to Students


BART KING is the author of a number of humorous nonfiction books for middle/YA readers and immature adults. Among them are:

  • The Big Book of Gross Stuff
  • The Pocket Guide to Brilliance
  • The Big Book of Boy Stuff
  • The Pocket Guide to Mischief
  • The Big Book of Girl Stuff
  • The Pocket Guide to Magic
  • An Architectural Guidebook to Portland (2nd edition, Oregon State University Press)

King-Sized Book of FunOf these, the most recent is The Big Book of Gross Stuff, which PBS recently graded with an “A.” (As Bart is a former middle-school teacher, this seems apt.) But perhaps his greatest achievement as a writer has been to incorporate his name into the actual TITLE of one of his books, namely Bart’s King-Sized Book of Fun, which will be published this September.

Bart has over a half-million books in print, and his work has been translated into Chinese, Spanish, and Australian. Finally, he prefers to be thought of as a “non-award winning author” despite some small evidence to the contrary.

Bart is a very funny guy.

Bart King

At work in the home office.

Bart King's official website is: http://www.bartking.net/