MAY 17 |7 PM

Newport Senior Center

20 SE Second Street
Newport OR 97365

open mic follows

Admission $10.00

Free to Students

Marv & Rindy Ross in Quarterflash

Rindy and Marv first performed together in the 70's at Western Oregon University where they fell in love and got married. While completing their teaching degrees, they began gigging in bands with Rindy playing sax and singing Marv's guitar-driven compositions.

After teaching three years in Central Oregon, they took very early retirements and formed Seafood Mama - a wildly popular dance band that played every smoky hippy bar between Seattle and Portland in the late 70's.

In 1980 they recorded Marv's song, "Harden My Heart" - which became their first hit and led to Geffen Records signing them. Over the next decade they released four albums under a new name, Quarterflash garnering gold and platinum records and tours with Elton John, Linda Ronstadt, and assorted big-haired 80's acts better left unmentioned. It was an exciting-tumultuous-insane era and the Rosses lived out many a fantasy including Marv writing a song with Burt Bacharach and Rindy appearing on Merv Griffin with Richard Simmons.