Sept. 19 |7 PM

Newport Visual
Arts Center

777 NW Beach Drive
Newport OR 97365

open mic follows

Admission $6.00

Free to Students

Wallace Kaufman

Blending science and ecology into stories everyone can enjoy is not easy, but Wallace Kaufman does it. Our September author's writing is as varied as his pursuits in coastal Oregon and around the globe. His fiction, non-fiction, journalism, and poetry have appeared in major magazines and newspapers in the U.S., England, and Kazakhstan. His books include a social and natural history of America's beaches, two freshman composition texts, a book on property values called Finding Hidden Value in Your Home, and a memoir Coming Out of the Woods: the Solitary Life of a Maverick Naturalist about his life in the forest of North Carolina. He has spent his life writing and working for the environment. His other books include Invasive Plants, co-written with his daughter Sylvan; a history of environmental thinking titled No Turning Back, and translations of numerous books from Latin America and Europe.

Kaufman lives in the forest overlooking Poole Slough southeast of Newport and is at work on a collection of poems, an illustrated journal, and a biography of the biologist Georg Wilhelm Steller, and is collaborating on a science fiction novel with one of America's leading astrobiologists and molecular biologists. He also provides conflict resolution services to individuals and businesses and has been an active volunteer at the Newport Library and as a mediator in the Lincoln County court system.

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